Concrete Services

Pooler Enterprises, Inc. is unique in that we are able to provide more services performed by our highly skilled tradecraft professionals than most construction teams. Concrete services are especially important to a project in terms of quality and scheduling.

With Pooler's Concrete Services, your team will be able to utilize one of the best concrete installation teams in Western and Central New York. Our specialties include concrete paving, curbs, gutters, flatwork and structural concrete.

Our concrete team communicates closely with the site engineers and architects at the earliest stage of the project so that installation issues can be resolved in the design stage rather than on the site. You can also benefit from the efficiency of our leading-edge technology.

Unmatched Precision & Rapid Installation

Our Somero Laser Screed® produces high quality floors, on time, on budget. The Somero S-240 Laser Screed is just one example of the efficiency that we bring to concrete installation. It is the optimal tool for your next slab-on-grade floor project.  
It produces floors of unequaled flatness and levelness.

The Somero reduces labor costs because of faster placing time and reduced form work.  

  • It increases productivity and assures greater accuracy through laser technology.
  • It easily places 3" to 4" slump concrete, larger aggregate mixes and fibrous concrete.
  • Plus it has high reliability, and superior maneuverability and traction.  
We can quote:  
  • Lump-sum work that includes materials, fine grade, machine rental, and finishing crew
  • Square foot pricing for machine rental, operator and finishing crew
  • Square foot pricing for machine rental and operator